As a design firm, studio 1∙2∙1 has always been about the story.

From the beginning, we’ve understood that every client is different, every project unique. Location, budget, desired aesthetics, and functionality, all play a role. We thrive on the opportunity to assess each new project with a fresh perspective while staying in continual dialogue with our clients: a one-to-one approach.

Our own story began in 2007 as a partnership of two. On the edge of an economic recession, without a prospective client or pending contract, we set out to forge a new interior design brand built on the one-to-one model.

Knowing that relationships are a foundation for effective storytelling, we’ve grown our firm by sitting down and listening to our clients. We take the time to assess their individual needs by understanding not only where they’ve been, but where they hope to go. As a result, we achieve highly-customized results. Every detail, from space planning to millwork, from an eye-catching art installation to the perfect lighting, help create the story of a space.

We are different because we spend time researching the specifics of each market to develop strategies for successful branding. Utilizing our wealth of manufacturing resources, our clients also receive unparalleled product options and the benefit of in-house procurement services.

Throughout the past nine years, by holding true to our values and standards, studio 1∙2∙1 has built enduring relationships and branched into markets across the country via word-of-mouth referrals. Our portfolio of senior living and multi-family projects gradually expanded and now includes corporate, healthcare, rehab, and hospitality.

Today, occupying a creative workspace in a refurbished automobile factory near downtown Nashville, our close-knit team collaborates on every project. Monday mornings begin around a table. Here, we seek new opportunities to innovate and grow, to create designs that stand the test of time, and ultimately, to serve our clients.

And our story continues.